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2 reviews for 900 mg Pet Tincture

  1. Beth

    I have a 7 year old boxer that was having a hard time getting up and down. Also she has some anxiety. Within about a week of using the pet tincture I saw improvement in her movement and also she seemed more calm and not as easy scared.
    I have tried other cbds for my animals but they did not have the results this one does

  2. Linda Frank

    500 mg pet tincture
    My little Shih Tuz Clover has 2 masses one on her neck and the other one between her toes !! I took her the the vet and she is having surgery on June 21st but in the mean time her foot was so raw and swollen from her licking it that I needed to do something so I started giving her the pet CBC oil once a day .. well 3 weeks later her lump on her neck is half the size and the tumor on her foot has gone down and has healed over !! She is still having surgery but they are not as big and sore and make me feel much better !! I will continue to use the oil after surgery for healing purposes !! Mike delivered my oil today and I showed him what it did for her !! Ty Mike
    Linda Frank and Clover

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